How to Get More Mileage From Your Interview

So you’ve written, recorded or filmed an amazing interview, you’ve uploaded it to your site and it led to you getting 1,000 likes and a million views. Congratulations!

Podcasting Your Interview

While this is great and even though it can be very profitable, there is still much more to be gained from a well-conducted interview if you know what you’re doing.

Why You Can’t Publish Your Interview Twice

You can’t publish content twice online because it isn’t ‘unique’ in the eyes of Google. I say can’t, but I should say shouldn’t. Google wants to pair its audience with unique content and as such, it will help unique text to rank more highly, while largely ignoring content that has already been published elsewhere. Apart from that, copied content might be in breach of copyright.

This is so important that any blog or website should check any user-submitted content against CopyScape, or other plagiarism checkers, to ensure it is in fact unique and hasn’t already been published anywhere.

What Else Can You Do With an Interview?

But if your interview is a video, or a podcast, Google won’t have indexed this and you can add it to as many websites as you own or even charge others to use it. Likewise, this also means that you can transcribe your interview to turn it into written content as well as video content. In short, this means that you can use it as a video, a podcast and a written interview.

You can also write up your interview multiple times in different ways. For instance, if you land an interview with an important figure in your niche, then you can release it first as a simple questionnaire with answers and then release it a second time written as an article. This means you can land a guest post with your interview content and add the exclusive article/transcription to your website.

Note that interview content makes it very easy to get guest posts onto prominent blogs, owing to the clear value inherent in any kind of interview.

Other Forms of Content

What’s more, because you don’t need Google to index your eBooks if you’re selling them from your website or through the Kindle store, there’s no reason you can’t offer your interview as a PDF, or sell your interviews a second time as a book once they’re collected together. Likewise, you can sell your podcasts as an audio book.

This applies to all your content. Don’t just publish it and forget it. If you’re smart, you can maximize your profits from any interview.

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